Manufacturing Metal Products? Find Out About the Different Metal Dust Health Risks

Metal is a broad term used to describe an incredible array of different materials. If your business manufactures metal items, then it is essential that are up to date with the latest advice on the array of different metal dusts.

The Dangers Associated with Metal Dusts

The dangers of inhaling different metal dust really depends on the material you are working with.

Some examples of dangerous metals dusts include:

  • Iron dust – can accumulate in the lungs, causing siderosis
  • Aluminium dust – irritates the respiratory system (contributing to lung disease)
  • Beryllium dust – irritates the lungs and may result in tracheobronchitis (inflammation of the windpipe and bronchi), pneumonitis (inflammation of lung tissue) and beryllosis (a chronic lung response to Beryllium and it’s compounds)
  • Lead dust – results in systemic poison effects and is incredibly toxic
  • Manganese dust (welding wire) – irritates the lungs and can have a chronic effect on the nervous system;
  • Nickel dust – irritates the respiratory tract and, may result in lung or nasal cancer.

Clearly, metal dust can contribute to a number of health risks, and it is imperative that your business adopts the appropriate safety precaution required to keep dust levels down to a minimum.

Dealing with Dangerous Metal Dusts

There are a number of things you can do to minimize the risk of inhalation of dangerous metal dusts in your workplace.

Established and practiced health and safety practices are merely one aspect of the solution. It is essential that you ensure all employees are suitably trained in health and safety practices, and that all employees are given the appropriate protective clothing apparel to reduce the risk of inhalation.

It is also advisable that you use an industry standard floor cleaner that can deal with the dust on a daily basis. It is also recommended that you install suitable dust extraction fans to reduce the risk of dust collecting in your environment.

To find out more about the dangers of different metal dusts, simply call 1300 655 598 to speak to a SureSweep team member today.

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